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Learn more about the farm and our alpacas with the

self-guided tour  

Walk the nature trails to discover the surrounding fauna & flora 

Enjoy the observation & picnic areas to discover the serenity of our location

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Visit our on-site boutique to discover all of our handmade alpaca collections

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Farm Tours

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawaken

 Anatole France 

learn more about alpacas by joining the educational self-guided tour


The self-guided tour is located outdoor on wide trails which allow proper distancing 

The educational self-guided tour is a great way to discover the farm and our beautiful animals.  It will only take one visit to be completely charmed by our alpacas and the pristine setting in which we raise them.

The self-guided tour will take you around our farm facilities and allow you to discover the history of the farm, alpaca behavior and traits and more about the day-to-day life raising them.


The self-guided tour of the farm takes approximately 30 minutes during which you will be able to see them graze in their pastures and learn everything there is to know about these gracious animals.

please note

- The self-guided tour is available during our opening hours.

-  The self-guided tour does involve walking around the pastures perimeter fences where you will find the educational panels. 


- No reservation is necessary unless you are a group of 10 person or more.


- Our alpacas are free to roam between their pastures and shelters at any given time during the day so please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee their presence in their pastures at all times.    


For more information:


 Nature Trails

In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks

John Muir

discover the surrounding nature by walking the  self-guided  trails


Wandering around our pastures and through a magnificent forested area, our 1.5km trail system is well maintained and very easy to walk.  Many handmade benches are available along the way should you wish to stop for a quick rest or just to soak in the serenity offered by Mother Nature. 


Interpretive panels are found along the trails where you will learn all about the fauna and flora of the bountiful Eastern Townships and Sutton area.  Learn more about the Alderbrook Marsh, a unique and protected wetland ecosystem that traverses our land.

The trail walk should take approximately 30 to 60 minutes.  It forms a loop that will take you back to your starting point, our main observation area.


During winter, the trails are also accessible by snowshoes and cross-country ski. 


Updated October 24 2020

Current Trail Conditions

a few tips

- The trails are made up of grassy sections, gravel sections and packed down dirt sections.

- The trails are well maintained and are accessible by jogger type stroller when visiting with a toddler.

- Although almost any type of footwear will do, we do recommend appropriate closed toe shoes for the trail walk.

- As the trails take you into a forested area and are located close to marshlands, please consider bringing mosquito repellent with you when in season. 


Observation & Picnic

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere                                                                                 

 Vincent Van Gogh

Soak in the serenity of the land by relaxing at one of the  observation areas


Upon arrival at the farm, there is a free observation area where handmade wooden benches are available for you to relaxe & observe our male alpacas in action.  It is conveniently located next to the boutique and the main parking lot and serves as a great resting place.

Our main and largest observation area is quite spectacular!  Enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains, the valley and the Alderbrook marsh down below while our female alpacas peacefully graze in their pastures.  When in season, Adirondack chairs and picnic tables are at your disposition.  Our famous wooden alpacas are also located next to the pastures. They are a hit with kids and the best setting for the perfect picture of your alpaca farm adventure!      

important things to know about alpaca behavior

- Alpacas are livestock and although they are domesticated, curious and social, most of them do not freely enjoy being touched or petted.  Keep in mind that alpacas are livestock and are not domesticated house animals.

- Most of our alpacas will approach pasture fences to greet visitors. 


- Alpacas are typically calme and gentle but like llamas, they do have the capacity to spit if they feel threatened.  Do not be afraid, they will not spit on humans if they don't have a good reason to!  They will typically use this defense mechanism between each other to resolve certain conflicts in connection with the hierarchy ranking within the herd.   

- Our alpacas are free to roam between their pastures and shelters at any given time during the day.


- The best seasons to observe them out in the pastures are spring and fall, when the temperatures are milder. 

- On warm summer days, they tend to be out in the pastures in the morning and then again in late afternoon.  They typically use their cooler shelters around mid-day when the sun gets too warm.


- They will instinctively use their shelters to protect themselves against certain elements such as strong winds, rain, extreme cold and heat or heavy snow.

Please keep in mind that these animals will follow their instincts and that we cannot guarantee their presence in their pastures at all times.    


Group Activities

Organize a guided tour for your group to discover the farm and our alpacas

Organize a teambuilding event for your guests as part of your visit at the farm

Provide a fun workshop for your group during your visit at the farm

Organize a customized event or meeting in a unique and pristine location  

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