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Alpaga Québec 2024 Show Results

Farm visitors often ask what all the ribbons displayed in our boutique's entrance are all about! Each year, we participate in different alpaca shows with some of the best subjects within our herd. Last weekend was the Alpaga Québec Association's spring halter show, one of the biggest alpaca show in Eastern Canada! There was over 20 different farms and more than 100 alpacas from all over Eastern Canada that participated in the event.

Our two "Best Head" entries, Tofino (left) and Salvation (right).

Salvation won the 2024 Best Head Award in a though class of 13 entries!

In a halter show like the one held last weekend, alpacas are walked into a show ring and evaluated by a certified alpaca judge. Evaluations are based on both conformation traits as well as fibre traits. Each alpaca competes against other alpacas of the same age, sex and colour and are ranked by the judge according to the sum of positive traits observed. This allows us to see and appreciate what other breeders have produced and also have our own alpacas evaluated to see how our breeding program is coming along. It is also a fun yearly gathering for alpaca breeders that come together and talk all things "alpaca".

To say we are delighted with our 2024 results would almost be an understatement! We’re back from what was a very successful weekend with a few surprises along the way! 

Our two Grey Colour Champions (male and female),

who are also our herdsire Taji's first two offspring in Canada!

Our results from the 2024 Alpaga Québec Show


SUTTON TAJI’S REVOLUTION – Colour Champion Grey | 1st Juvenile Male

SUTTON TAJI’S SWEET LOVE – Colour Champion Grey | 1st Juvenile Female

SUTTON XANDER’S ROMANTIC PASSION – Colour Champion Fawn | 1st Yearling Female

SUTTON XANDER’S FLASH – Reserve Champion Grey | 1st Yearling Male

SUTTON’S SALVATION – Best Head 2024 (Classe of 13!) | 2nd Light Juvenile Male

SUTTON’S RUSH – 2nd Fawn Juvenile Male

SUTTON XANDER’S TITANIUM – 2nd Grey Yearling Male

SUTTON’S BELLISSIMA – 4th Fawn Juvenile Female (class of 9)

SUTTON’S TOFINO – 4th Brown Juvenile Male

Congratulations to all the farms that participated

and it’s a rendez-vous again next year!

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