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Our Newest Yarn Has Arrived!

With the cold weather creeping in, it’s time to dust off the slow cooker and the winter jackets! It’s also time to take out the stored away yarn and knitting projects that were put aside during summer months! Good news, we just received a great quantity of natural undyed yarn made from fiber produced on our farm. After being spun at the mill, it has finally made its way into our boutique!

See our newest yarn selection below

As shearing happens in late spring here at the farm, we never dispose of enough time to

sort and skirt all of our fiber before the height of the tourist season and the arrival of the new babies. With the end of the summer and all births over for the season, fall is when we start diving our hands into all of the precious fiber our alpacas have produced for us during the last year.

Spring Fiber Harvest Fall Sorting & Skirting For The Mill

Since our beginning, we have decided to offer our yearly harvest in the most ecofriendly way possible in an effort to celebrate natural colors and what Mother Nature has purposefully created for us. You will find a great variety of those natural tones in our homegrown yarn which ranges from white to black, including many shades of grey which is the specialty of our breeding program.

We use part of our fiber harvest to create some of our exclusives handmade accessories offered directly at the farm’s boutique and through our online shop. We also offer this harvest as a great selection yarn skeins so that artisans can create their own masterpieces with one of nature’s most amazing fiber.

As opposed to commercial yarn which is offered in standard skein weights (50gr, 100gr…), artisanal yarn can greatly vary in terms of total weight from one skein to the next. What makes it unique and organic also makes it very hard to sell online! The weight variation between skeins is the main reason why you will not find our yarn for sale on our online shop and why it is currently only available directly at the farm’s boutique.

As alpaca yarn is very appreciated and sought after, we have given ourselves the mission to be able to offer it online. This is one of our main goal for the upcoming year. Stay tuned as we try to work out a way to bring you alpaca yarn online for 2021. In the meantime, you can always come by the farm’s boutique to find everything you need for your knitting projects.

Here are a few novelties you will find at our farm shop with many new colors and shades available. Some of our all-time favorites are also back in inventory!

The farm shop is currently opened Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm (Fall Schedule).

Happy knitting and see you soon!

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