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Farm Tours


The farm offers two types of tours:

 - The SELF-GUIDED TOUR which is available year round.

- The GUIDED TOUR which is seasonal and only offered during the high season (summer & fall).


- No reservation is necessary unless you are a group of 10 person or more.


- Admission tickets can be purchased at the outdoor admission booth during the high season and inside the boutique during the off-season.

- Tap drinking water is NOT available on-site.  PLEASE plan on bringing your own water and bottle as we do not endorse the use of or promote single-use plastic bottles.


- The self-guided tour is a walking circuit that is available year round during our opening hours.

-  The self-guided tour does not include a guide and is incorporated into the first section of our nature trails.  It follows the perimeter fences of our pastures where you will find educational panels. 


- The self-guided tour is designed to allow you to observe our alpacas while they are out in their pastures and learn more about the farm and alpacas by reading the educational panels along the circuit.


- The self-guided circuit (walk) takes approximately 30 minutes. 


- Our alpacas are free to roam between their pastures and shelters at any given time during the day so please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee their presence in their pastures at all times.    


The GUIDED TOURS are not available because of the labor shortage.

- Guided tours are available during the high season (summer and fall) and typically run from

the end of June to mid-October.  They are offered twice a day on set times (2022 to be confirmed).

-  The guided tour includes a short introductory film which is featured in the old farmhouse.  The tour then takes you inside the main barn where you will be able to get up close with our female alpacas and their babies. 


- The guided tour does include a guide who will lead you inside the barn and down a fenced area between our main pastures.

- The guided tour takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes depending on the group size.  

- Please note that you will be asked to disinfect your hands and clean the soles of your shoes on a disinfecting mat before entering the barn so we highly recommend wearing closed-toe shoes for the guided tour. (No sandals or flip-flops)

- As our alpacas are free to roam between their pastures and shelters at any given time of the day, the guided tour will allow you to see them even though they might be resting inside the main barn.

- Inappropriate behavior towards our alpacas will not be tolerated.  Young children will be asked to remain calm around alpacas during the guided tour.  

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