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As farmers and artisans, we believe that the high-quality yarn and wide variety of

exclusive handcrafted alpaca products we put forward is a testimony to our dedication in promoting 

this incredible natural fiber.  Our handmade collections are created with passion, flair and authenticity.  They are a commitment to support alpaca breeders as well as artisans here and abroad while valuing honesty, integrity and equity.

We value

Handmade alpaca products


We strive to offer the widest variety of handmade products by working closely with local knitters who help us put forward all of the beautifully hand crafted items you will find in our boutique  

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

We endeavor to source out and prioritize the purchase of fair trade products which helps improve the quality of life in rural communities and ensure the welfare of artisans abroad



We promote locally grown alpaca fiber by offering yarn and hand knitted accessories made with

eco friendly undyed yarn that is produced directly on our farm 


Free Shipping in Canada for orders of $150 or more


Alpaca is one the softess and warmest  natural fiber available worldwide