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Our Story

Love at first sight...

Our love story with alpacas started over 15 years ago when we first saw these amazing animals on a small farm in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.  By a twist of faith, we happen to pass by a farm with some funny looking animals!  Wondering what they were, we stopped and asked the friendly owner more information.  She gladly provided explainations and took us for a tour of her lovely farm shop.  We discovered that these elegant furry animals provided one of the softess fiber that could be spun into yarn! Needless to say, it was love at first sight...and first touch!  

The Land and the Old Barn

As long time residents of Sutton, we were searching for a land in the area that would be appropriate for raising alpacas. 

In 2009, by another twist of faith, we were able to purchase an old farmland of 120 acres on chemin Macey, a quiet backroad a few minutes away from the village. 


This pristine land included an old English style bank barn and a few other historical buildings dating back to the 1890’s. The location offered stunning views of the surrounding mountains, beautiful pasture lands and a large forested area.  We were convinced that we had found the perfect setting to raise alpacas! 

We decided to restore the beautiful old barn by preserving its historical character as it would become home to our alpacas and the ideal place to establish our charming onsite boutique.  After two years of hard work, restoring the old barn and planning the new alpaca-friendly layout, we were finally ready to welcome our first alpacas in the fall of 2012.

Our Mission

We quickly decided to raise a limited number of animals, focusing on high quality grey and black alpacas. We also decided to offer an agrotourism experience for animal lovers by opening our doors and sharing the pleasures of raising alpacas in this pristine location away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  


We take pride in offering exclusive collections of knits, handwoven products and unique creations carefully crafted here in Quebec.  Our handmade products are designed and made with care here at the farm, and with the help of an amazing team of local knitters and weavers.  We also carry fair trade handmade alpaca products ensuring you the best selection of alpaca knitwear.


Our love for these animals is reflected in the quality of the agrotourism experience we offer and knitted collections

we put forward.


Come and discover for yourself!    

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