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Nature Trails


Updated April 12 2023

The recent warm and dry weather has allowed the grounds to dry up more quickly than expected.  We can now safely reopen the trail network after a swift spring thaw!


Updated May 12 2023

Current Trail Conditions


- Trails are accessible year-round during our business hours.


- No reservation is required unless you are a group of 10 person or more.

- Admission tickets are available at our outdoor admission booth during the high season

(summer and fall) and inside the boutique the remainder of the year.

- Our trails follow the alpaca pastures and continue into the forest.  The trail walk can take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes depending on your pace and the trails taken.

- Leave no trace!  For the respect of the environment and other visitors, please dispose of trash and recyclable items at designated stations


- Drinking water is not available on-site.  Please plan on bringing your water bottle as we do not

encourage the use of single-use plastic bottles. 


- Trails can be closed at any time, with or without notice, if they are deemed unsafe or if conditions are inappropriate.  See Current Trail Conditions for the most up-to-date status.   

- See Seasonal Information below for all our seasonal trail recommendations.


Alpagas Sutton Spring Activities
Alpagas Sutton Summer Activities
Alpagas Sutton Fall Activities

- The nature trails are made up of grassy sections, gravel sections and packed down dirt sections.

- The trails are well maintained and accessible with a jogger type stroller when visiting with a toddler.

- We do recommend appropriate closed-toe shoes for the trail walk.

- As the trails take you into a forested area and are located close to a marshland, please consider bringing mosquito repellent with you when in season. 

Alpaga Sutton Winter Activities

- The trails are well maintained and are accessible during the winter.

- We do recommend wearing crampons for the trail walk during the winter.

- When the snow conditions are optimal, snowshoes are permitted on the trails.

- No equipment rentals on-site. Please bring your own crampons or snowshoes.

- Some sections of our trails are located in open field areas.  These areas can be wind-swept and

colder than the forested areas so please dress accordingly and plan on wearing layers. 

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