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First cria of 2021!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

We have welcomed our first cria of the 2021 season on June 8! A beautiful little black male, healthy and full of energy!

Spring is an exciting season at the farm as we start welcoming new members to our herd. As the gestation period for alpacas is approximately 11 to 11.5 months, we have been dreaming about these little ones for almost a year by the time they join us! That is plenty of time to try to imagine what is hiding inside the pregnant females' round tummies.

Every year we actually have a pool between us here at the farm to predict the colour and sex of all the crias to be. No money involved, just bragging rights for the next 12 months! In case you are wondering, we all predicted the colour black on this first cria BUT we also all predicted it would be a female! So, the score is tied...for now!

Many more crias are expected throughout the month of June and July. These precious little ones are so much fun to watch running around and playing out in the pastures. It is certainly one of the most delightful things to watch and witness when visiting the farm during the summer months. These crias are always full of shenanigans and very entertaining to observe!

The farm is currently open

Saturdays and Sundays

10am to 4pm

No reservation is required

Admission fee is $4 per person

Our summer schedule will start shortly.

As of Wednesday June 23,

our summer hours of operation and admission rates will be in effect.

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