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Summer Season Launch!

The 2021 summer season is at our doorstep! Summer at the farm rhymes with farm tours, new alpaca babies, outdoor fun and much more! We have been working extremely hard during the off-season to bring you a few new farm visit features worthy of mentioning and that you will be able to enjoy when visiting us this summer!


Our nature trail network now totalizes close to 4km!

We have added more than 2km of new trails which includes our newest section of interpretation of the Alderbrooke marsh as well as many new interpretive panels along the way.

You now have access to many new paths when walking our trail network. Loops of 1km, 2km or 3km are available. You can now select the path or loop that is the most appropriate to your energy level and the timeframe you have at your disposition to visit the farm.

The official opening of our new trails will be made in conjunction with the launching of our summer season schedule on June 23!

We have widened our observation and picnic area!

Du to the high demand for picnic space since last summer, we have decided to add a few more tables and Adirondack chairs which are located at the main observation area.

The panoramic view at the main observation area is breathtaking! You can observe our female alpacas in their pastures while enjoying your picnic. The playground area with our famous wooden alpacas is also centrally located in this area so you can conveniently watch the kids play while enjoying the view and a moment of rest, soaking in what Mother Nature does best!


The guided tours of the farm will not take place again this summer

Du to operational challenges linked to COVID-19 restrictions that are still in place for groups, only the self-guided tour of the farm will be available for the 2021 summer season.

Group activities might become available again this fall

if we receive the green light from the government regarding on-site group hosting by then.

Wishing you all a great summer and we look forward to seeing you at the farm!

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