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The New Trails Are Open!

After many months of meticulous landscaping, we are finally ready to reveal our newest trails! Our network now totalizes close to 4km and doubles the existing offer of trails that have delighted our visitors for few years already!

We have added more than 2km of new trails which includes our newest section of interpretation of the Alderbrooke marsh as well as many new interpretive panels along the way.

You now have access to many new paths when walking our network of trails. Loops of 1km, 2km and 3km are available. You can now customize your walk by selecting the path or loop that is the most appropriate to your energy level and the timeframe you have at your disposition to visit the farm.

The trail walk is meant to provide you with a moment to disconnect from your day-to-day and reconnect with nature while soaking in the beautiful landscape. Our interpretation panels will allow you to learn about what renders our region so unique and our farm location so special!

Whether you are visiting as a family or as a couple, the walking trails will provide you with a delightful moment in nature and is the perfect complement to the self-guided tour of the farm.

We look forward to seeing you at the farm this summer!

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