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Our felted alpaca dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fabric softeners and dryer sheets!   


Alpaca fiber is lightweight so these dryer balls are very low impact in the dryer compared to plastic or synthetic dryer balls which can be very noisy when in use.  On top of being low impact, these natural fiber based dryer balls will actually prevent and eliminate static from your dryer, something that plastic just cannot do! 



• Cuts down on drying time

• Hypoallergenic (no lanolin)

• Natural colours / no dyes

• Reusable and long lasting

• Reduces static & minimizes wrinkled clothes

• Perfect for drying natural fabrics and other delicate items


Add a few drops of essential oil to your dryer balls to provide clothes with a natural and soothing fragrance your whole family will enjoy!


Our felted dryer balls comes as a trio (1 ball of each colour). You can select between 2 options; Gift Wrapped (packaged trio as seen in picture) or Loose for an added eco-friendly option.



Place dryer balls with damp clothes in dryer.  Use all 3 dryer balls for a standard load.  Dry as usual.


How to get rid of accumulated static in the dryer balls?

Overtime your dryer balls will accumulate static.  Afterall, that is what they are designed to do!  The rate at which they get saturated with static will depend on your specific use of the dryer (high or low frequency of use).  No need to panic or throw them away, you just need to wash them!


How do I know if they need to be washed?  Once you notice that your freshly dried laundry load is showing signs of static, it's time to wash your dryer balls. Yes, it's that simple!   Place the 3 balls inside a wash bag and wash them along with your next laundry load.  Once done, take them out of the wash bag and place them in the dryer along with clothes.  Dry as usual. 


Although they are handmade in New Brunswick, Canada (not handmade in Quebec), these dryer balls are actually made with natural undyed fiber from the alpacas we raise here at the farm so we felt that this amazing product still qualified to be included in our Terroir collection!

Felted Dryer Balls

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