Our felted alpaca dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fabric softeners and dryer sheets!  This trio includes a bottle of lavender essential oil by Racine & Fleurs, a local company that offers high quality essential oils.   



• Cuts down on drying time

• Hypoallergenic (no lanolin)

• Natural colors / no dyes

• Reusable and long lasting

• Reduces static & minimizes wrinkled clothes

• Perfect for drying natural fabrics and other delicate items such as washable diapers


Add a few drops of Racine & Fleurs lavender essential oil to your dryer balls to provide your clothes with a natural and soothing fragrance your whole family will enjoy!


Our felted dryer balls come as a trio either packaged (gift wrapped) or loose as an added eco-friendly option. They come as a trio composed of 2 white balls and 1 grey ball paired with the bottle of lavender essential oil from Racine & Fleurs as shown in picture.



Add a few drops of essential oil on your dryer balls before placing them with damp clothes in dryer. Use up to 3 dryer balls for a standard load. Dry as usual.


How to get rid of accumulated static by the dryer balls? Overtime the dryer balls will accumulate some static. Depending on dryer use, every month or so, you can wash them along with a laundry load to get rid of the accumulated static. Place the 3 balls inside a sock or wash bag and wash them along with a warm laundry load. Once load is done, take them out of the sock (or wash bag) and place them in the dryer along with clothes. Dry as usual.

Felted Dryer Balls With Essential Oil