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These gloves offer a more refined and elegant look without compromising on wamth.  The outside layer is made of 100% boiled alpaca fabric.  Boiled fabric is very light but extremely efficient in cutting down on wind and cold.  These gloves are also finished with an inside layer of very fine 100% baby alpaca knit that simply adds extra  insulation and more comfort.



Medium - Designed for standard women hand size (medium)

Large - Designed for standard men hand size (large)


Recommended care: Hand wash in cold water using mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.


What is boiled alpaca fabric?  Boiled alpaca is just like boiled (sheep) wool more traditionally used in the fabrictaion of coats, berets or scarves.  It's special type of fabric that is created by a mechanical process that uses hot water and agitation.  This process shrinks knitted or woven fabrics by compressing and interlocking fibers to create a felt-like material.  The result is a tighter felted-type fabric that resists fraying or further shrinkage and is warmer than the orignal knitted or woven fabric.  Boiled fabric prevents wind and cold from entering and is one of the warmest type of fabric made with natural fiber such as alpaca or sheep.

Scandinavia Gloves

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