The Farm Crew

The Owners
Farm girl carying hay bucket

As partners in a family owned business, we each bring our own set of skills set to the alpaca farm and its agrotourism venture.  Whether it's alpaca herd care, tourism, farm maintenance or designing & knitting products for the boutique, we all have our own forces that come togheter in making Alpagas Sutton a successful farm and tourism attraction.

Our backgrounds include business, tourism & hospitality, corporate & leisure events and customer service related management.  The three of us also have a passion for arts and crafts.  Whether it's knitting, wood & metal work or designing, we try to incoporate our own art work into the farm.  We also have invested a lot of time and effort in learning everything there is to know about alpacas and herd health.  Continued education and working closely with knowledgeable vetenerians allow us to ensure our 'pacas' our happy & healthy.


We take pride in providing our guests with an educational & memorable visit at the farm and proposing elegant & sophisticated handmade alpaca accessories in our boutique.  You will certainly meet us during your visit as we remain involved in every aspect of our alpaca farm venture.  We are happy to be able to share our passion and little pristine corner of paradise with you!   

The Alpacas

We outnumber any other species on this farm!  We are the main contibutors to the handmade collections you will find in the farm's boutique.  Our fiber is sheared once a year in order to produce those amazing yarn skeins and other beautifully handcrafted products made by our owners and a team of local knitters.


Although we are very curious when visitors come to the farm and most of us will generally approach the pasture fences to greet you, we don't really appreciate cuddles and being petted.  However during the guided tours of the farm in the summer, our owners provide alpaca treats to the visitors and most of us will come up and eat it out of your hands!  But remember we don't eat human food, it upsets our stomach and can make us very ill!  So please stick to the treats provided by our owners, most of us love them!  If you are lucky, you might even get an alpaca kiss in exchange for treats!     

The Dog

My name is Hatchi.  I'm a male english chocolate labrador. 

As the only dog on this farm, I like to roam around and do lots of fun stuff like swim in the pond, bark at things and play with the cats when I'm not too tired!


  I help my dad with all the stuff there is to do around the farm.  Fixing fences, picking up dead wood and doing alpaca related chores.  I follow him wherever he goes.  I like alpacas but I don't think they like me as much!  Even though I try to remain quiet and calm when I am around their pastures, they still seem to be on guard when they see me.  I guess that's why I am not allowed to go into the pastures to play with them and other dogs aren't allowed to visit the farm.  I think the alpacas have accepted me being around their living quarters but it seems like they don't completely trust me!

I LOOOOVE people! If I am around when you arrive at the farm, I might bark just to get my owners attention but I continue wagging my tail because I am hoping that you might want to play with me!  I like treats, belly rubs and fetching stuff..although I rarely bring them back.  Life is good!  If you see me, just call my name and I'll come over for cuddles garantee!

The Cats

We are the cat crew and we roam wherever our instinct takes us.  We patrol the entire farm and the land surrounding it.  We were told our main job is to catch mice but we prefer going out for walks around the farm and just enjoy country cat life to its fullest!  If a mouse happens to cross our path, then we will do our job perfectly! 

Grey Alpaca & Tabby Cat

I am a big tabby female and I have a distinctive orange spot on my forehead.  I am the cat boss here!  I like to pounce on stuff, chase other cats around to remind them who's in charge and sometimes go on walks with my owner.  My owner thinks it's funny that I follow her around but really, I am just making sure she doesn't get lost!  I know this land in and out.  I don't really like to be petted by anyone else than my owner.  I am a loyal feline!  When I am done my day of patrolling I ususally like to come inside where it's cozy and sleep off until the next big adventure.    

Cat having a nap

I am a long hair grey tabby female and I was rescued by the SPCA when I was roaming the streets of Granby.  I love my new family and the farm.  I love to snuggle, purr and chase stuff.  When my new owners adopted me, they didn't know I loved chicken and salmon so much.  They quickly learned to make sure not to leave it unattended on the kitchen counter.  It's ok because now, I have access to a lot of cat food and treats instead so life is good!  I like to hang out with my sister Bonnie around the garden, the greenhouse and the old farm house.  I'm a bit shy with strangers but I'm might come up to you for a snuggle if you are patient. 

Long hair grey tabby cat

I am a teeny tiny black female with a small white spot on my chest.  I like chasing butterflies and grasshopers..oh and I loooove treats!  My brother Clyde got lost in the forest a few years ago so I don't go on great big adventures like him anymore.  I rather stay around the garden and the greenhouse with my adopted sister Charlie.  We play all day and then head back home at night.  I am a bit shy with strangers but I love my parents!  I love to sleep in boxes, bags or anything made out of's so warm and comfortable! I loooove treats..did I mention that before?  


I am tuxedo black & white female.  I am a bit nervous about going outside so I am an indoor princess!  My owner thinks I might have had a rough start in life and that's why I'm a bit shy and nervous with strangers or loud noise.  I like to watch birds from the balcony, getting my cat hair brushed and snuggling up with my owner at night.  My sister Luna goes on great big daily adventures so she tells me all about it when she comes home at the end of the day.  I like to chat a lot with my mom.  I don't think she really understands what I am saying but she gives me treats and cuddles so I love my indoor cat life!       

Hens patrolling pastures
The Hens

We are the hen family and we produce fresh eggs daily.  Our main goal on the farm is to patrol the pastures for any unwanted bugs and slugs that may harm our friends the alpacas.  We really enjoy being free to roam the pastures during the day and to snuggle up in the coop at night.  During the day, we like to sunbathed, scratch holes in the ground, nibble on fresh grass and eat alpaca pellets that might have been left behind by our friends.   The kids love us and you will certainly see us roam around the pastures when you visit the farm.