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A Gourmet Arrival

Our new terrines have finally arrived and they will make a perfect hostess gift or a great addition to any gourmet dinner gathering!

With their subtle and well balanced flavors, they are worthy of the most refined tables. To enjoy by sheer pleasure, our terrines will surely delight the finest gourmets. Served on crackers as an appetizer, these terrines pair well with a good wine or a cocktail and are a marvelous accompaniment to any fine plate of cheese or cold cuts.

Elaborated and made in Quebec with premium quality ingredients, the new terrines are available in 3 different flavors and come in vacuum jars with a 3 year shelf life.

Available Flavors

Port & Cranberries Terrine

With its delicate aromas, this terrine offers a perfect balance between the sweeter notes of Port wine and the more acidulous flavor of the cranberries.

Forest Mushrooms Terrine

Featuring our forest mushrooms, this terrine offers subtle earthy aromas thanks to its ‘bouquet garni’ reminiscent of Quebec’s large forested areas.

Peppercorn Duo Terrine

With its well-balanced spice blend that is just perfectly pronounced, this terrine offers the perfect marriage between the fresh and mildly spicy notes of green peppercorn and the fruity and floral notes of pink peppercorn.

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