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Fall 2020 Collection

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Our Fall 2020 Collection is now available online!

Despite all the challenges and uncertainty we have collectively faced in the last 6 months, we have continued working really hard to bring you many new creations. Certain of them have been available at the farm's boutique throughout the summer and others have just made their way into our shop in the last couple of weeks. As the summer was exceptionally busy here at the farm, it has been quite a challenge to keep all of our handcrafted items in inventory! Thank you to all of you who support small businesses, buy local and encourage handmade during these challenging times...our hearts our filled with love and gratitude!

With the arrival of autumn, all of our knitters have been working extra hours to be able to bring the inventory back up! We are so delighted to be able to present our Fall 2020 Collection and even more so, to be able to offer some of those newer handcrafted items in our online shop!

Here are a few of the newest creations now available online:

Misti Winter Hat

Best Seller 2020 – Terroir Collection

  • New Fall 2020 colors available: Medium Grey and Dark Rose-Grey

  • Hand knitted in Quebec with natural undyed yarn from alpacas raised on our farm

  • Personalized choice of pompom color available

Mistassini Cowl

Elegance and exquisite softness

  • 4 colors available: Black, Grey, Red and White

  • Hand knitted in Quebec with 100% Royal Alpaca

Capilano Winter Hat & Cowl

Trendy style and exquisite softness

  • 6 colors available: Black, Grey, White, Red, Blue and Purple

  • Hand knitted in Quebec with 100% Royal Alpaca

Element Scarf

Coup de cœur 2020 - Refined and elegant

  • 4 color combinations available: Earth, Water, Fire and Air

  • Hand knitted in Quebec with 100% Baby Alpaca

Kitsilano Vest

A classic newly available online!

  • Hand knitted in Quebec with natural undyed yarn from alpacas raised on our farm

We continue working on new creations year-round and we are already getting excited for 2021! Stay tuned for more novelties as we continue to aim at celebrating alpaca fiber with more delightful, unique creations!

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