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Caring for your alpaca products


All of our products carry specific care instructions (washing and drying) either directly at the back of our sales tag attached to the product or on a clothing tag located inside the product.  Washing and drying instructions will vary depending on the fiber blend used in the production of each item.  If for any reason you are unable to locate the care instructions on your product, you can always refer to our tips and guidelines section below or simply contact us.  We will gladly provide you with appropriate instructions base on your specific item.

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Care Tips & Guidelines


Washing method will depend on the fiber blend of a specific item.

(see sales or clothing tag for detailed fiber blends and care instructions) 

Depending on the material or yarn blend, it will need to be hand washed in cold water or could possibly be machine washed in cold water.


100% ALPACA = Hand wash in cold water

MORE THAN 50% ALPACA (with other synthetic fibers) = Hand wash in cold water

* 50% ALPACA OR LESS (with other synthetic fibers) = Machine wash in cold water 

in a wash bag on Wool cycle or Delicate cycle

* If your item also has another natural fiber mixed in (wool, silk, cashmere etc.), consider it the same as alpaca (ex. 40% alpaca, 40% wool, 20% silk = 100% natural fiber!).  Hand wash it in cold water.



A small amount of water splashing onto fur is not an issue but

completely soaking a fur accessory might affect its look or feel afterward. 

If you can easily uninstall the fur accessory off your item, great!  Take it off prior to washing and reinstall after it's dry.  If you cannot take the fur accessory off your item or you prefer not to, avoid immersing the fur into water.  Try keeping the fur out of the water while you wash the rest of your item.  You can always surface clean fur by gently padding it with a wet cloth of cold water.  You can let it air dry afterward. If your fur accessory needs a little perk after surface cleaning, you can always use a blowdryer on the coldest heat setting to bring it back to life. Avoid using a brush or comb, use your fingertips instead. 

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Wool specific or soft detergents are recommended for washing your alpaca accessories. 

Eucalan is a brand we carry in store which has the advantage of being biodegradable 

and phosphate free. Its natural lanolin-enriched formula conditions the fiber, helps keep static away and most importantly does not need to be rinsed out. 

No rinse = less hassle = more time for you! 

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Whether your item was been hand washed or machine washed, air dry is the way to go !  

This will keep your item looking good as long as possible. After hand washing an item, compress it to force most of the water out without heavily twisting or wringing it.  Once most of the water has been pressed out, a good trick is to use a dry towel in which you place your item. Fold the towel over your item and press down on the towel to take out as much water as possible prior to air dry.  For small items (hats, mittens, legwarmers etc), you can suspend to dry.  For larger items (sweaters, shawls, throws etc) you can lay flat to dry to prevent material from stretching under its own weight. 


   Now that you know how to take care of your alpaca accessories, you can enjoy all of their benefits!   

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