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Alpaca Colour Genotyping

Colour genotyping, what a fascinating subject isn't it?  If you landed here, you probably either already raise alpacas or plan on raising these magnificent creatures in the future.  Some of you may already be well versed in alpaca colour genotyping while some of you might just have started gaining interest in the subject.

Below, you will find a link to a document that provides an overview of the basic concepts of colour genotyping and how they can be applied in a breeding program.  This document also covers how genotypes translate to classic greys.  If you are just getting into genotyping, you will also find clickable links to different documents that can help you navigate the basic procedures in order to get your animals tested.   


Hopefully this section helps you better understand what colour genotyping can do for your own breeding program and how you can go about getting your animals tested.    

The following document aims to demystify colour genotyping in alpacas by providing a general overview and determining how genotypes can be used for reproduction purposes.

Alpaca Colour Genotyping - COVER PIC 2.jpg
Neogen - Test couleur et instructions - COVER PIC.jpg


Step-by-step instructions on how to get started and get your animals tested

Canadian Procedure Only



Screenshot Neogen Excel Spreadsheet - COVER PIC.jpg


Downloadable Neogen Canada Submission Form

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