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This collection is undeniably our pride and joy!


It reflects all the love, time and care we invest in raising alpacas, harvesting their fiber annually and having it spun into sumptuous natural undyed yarn.  With the help of our amazing team of local knitters, we then use our homegrown yarn to handcraft all of the beautiful items, accessories and ready-to-wear you will find in this collection.  


Hand-knitted in Quebec with love and care.

Our softest yarn is selected for the creation of accessories that are meant to be worn around the most sensitive body parts such as the face and neck.

Collection Terroir.png
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Many items and accessories from this collection are unique in nature and are only handcrafted in very small quantities.  These unique and exclusive creations cannot be found here online and are only available directly at our farm's on-site boutique.  

 Handmade in Quebec


 Homegrown Alpaca Fiber


Natural Undyed Yarn