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Notable additions to our herd for 2022

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

We are very pleased to announce a few notable additions to our herd for the upcoming summer of 2022!


With Bluegenes' Bea2Bombers Wingman now back in the USA, we needed to find the perfect candidate to compliment his daughters as we move forward.

Stacked with top genetics, Taji has done extremely well in both halter and fleece shows and his fiber stats are simply delightful! Taji is one of only 2 grey sons sired by Bellarmine (ATV Adonnis)…the other grey son being Crescent Moon’s Emmaus! Taji’s MSG dam, Estates Yanni, has retained beautiful fineness and uniformity for age (4th fleece: 18.8 | 3.9 | 1.2% >30 | MC 47.4).

Taji will remain exclusive for 2022 and will be opened to outside breedings in 2023.


This amazing female is phenotypically dark brown but genotypically black (EEaa)! She is currently bred to Snowmass Ring of Innovation and her cria is due to arrive in August 2022.

Velvet Enchanted is maintaining impressive fineness and uniformity and her overall 2021 EPDs are simply amazing for a darker girl of that age! With her black genotype, this female will be able to produce blacks and silvers quite frequently when bred accordingly.

Her maternal brother, Snowmass Majestic Reflection, is a stunning Dark Silver Roan and we have a feeling that this girl might just produce something as spectacular color wise at one point in time considering her pedigree and her genotype/phenotype combination.


One might ask why a grey program would invest in a beige female! Well it's quite simple as Radiant Heart is genotypically an eeaa. She covers black and will let colour through, especially those darker tones, quite easily!

This younger female come from great lineage and is super eye-catching! Her fleece is quite lovely, with a super high frequency crimp style and good density. We look forward to breeding her here at the farm once she makes it into Canada for her first cria in 2023!

These are undeniably great additions to our herd! These 3 amazing subjects just started quarantine in early April and will be arriving here at our farm around mid-July 2022.

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